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The Project

The tunnel at St Catherine’s Bunker

The aim is to protect and preserve the St Catherine's WW2 bunker and tunnels. We want to set up a museum inside to give visitors a unique experience. This rare opportunity would see a restoration of a previously underutilised historic site, allowing it to become a tourist destination for the benefit of future generations. 

The War Tunnels in St Catherine would primarily enlighten visitors on occupation history through tours, bespoke displays and interactive information boards. We plan to use next-generation technologies to inspire a new generation to become part of this experience. 

High-Level Plan

Phase 1: Converting the Tunnel into a Museum

1.  Site Assessment:

•Conduct a thorough assessment of the old tunnel, including structural integrity, safety concerns, and potential challenges. Collaborate with relevant authorities to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations.

2. Design and Planning:

•Develop a comprehensive museum design that integrates the historical context of the tunnel.

•Seek input from local historians, community members, and stakeholders to ensure authenticity.

3. Preservation and Restoration:

•Implement necessary preservation and restoration measures to protect historical elements.

•Address any structural issues and enhance safety features.

4. Exhibit Development:

•Collaborate with exhibit designers to create engaging displays that tell the historical story.

•Incorporate interactive elements to enhance visitor experience.

5. Marketing and Promotion:

•Develop a marketing strategy to create awareness about the upcoming museum.

•Engage with the local community and media to generate interest.

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