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St Catherine’s Bunker is a remarkable World War Two German fortification and tunnel complex that stands as a testament to the German forces' hold on the British Channel Islands during the Second World War. Strategically positioned, it formed a crucial part of the German northeastern defences, especially after the Allied invasion of France. 

The tunnel complex was partly converted into a fish farm in the 1960s and stopped trading in 2023. The fish farm offered tours of the bunker and fish farm, and in 2024, Jersey War Tours and Jersey Seafaris became the new custodians of the site. The fish farm is no longer functioning, but the tours continue telling the occupation story and the tunnel's post-war life. The team is also safeguarding and, where possible, restoring the WW2 history of the site. The money raised by the tour is invested back into the site and the work required to preserve its history.  

We aim to inspire everyone who visits to embrace our island's history, including stories of heroism, human tragedies, voices of liberation, and the responsibilities of victory. We offer a tour that allows hands-on interaction with numerous World War Two artefacts, weapons, and equipment, a truly unique experience. Our tour perfectly complements understanding the history of the D-Day invasion and the battle of Normandy, which unfolded less than 15 miles away.

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